TERENCIA “TC” COWARD With nine Barbados Music Awards under her belt, two international music awards and three monarch titles in the soca arena Terencia Coward, affectionately known in Barbados as “TC the People’s Queen” is an entertainer whose voice and character belie her diminutive appearance. Terencia started singing at age 15 simply because she was dared to. Never being a person to back away from a challenge, she plunged head first into the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Competition, placed 2nd and never looked back. Thirty years later, she is a formidable force in Barbados’ music arena, known for her vocal versatility in R&B, Calypso, Jazz and Soca. She has traveled regionally and internationally doing what she absolutely loves, representing Barbados, entertaining audiences and meeting her fans. The warm, rich depth to her voice is reminiscent of Gladys Knight but with the range of Dionne Warwick. Two years ago her life and career took a new direction and she stands tonight on this stage in what has been labeled as he gospel debut….