Hajar Kai Pilgrim has been in the Hair Care Industry for 20 years. She initially wanted to become a doctor so she pursued a B.S. degree in Biology. Although she did not become a doctor studying biology, and being conscious of health and healing was beneficial in the field she became passionate about – Natural Hair Care


As a Hair Care Specialist with a sincere concern for the health and condition of the individual and their hair was the impetus that inspired her to seek out natural solutions. Studying Biology, Herbology and other Natural Healing Modalities was the strength on which she built the foundation of her approach to Hair Care.


For her it’s holistic, your thoughts plus what you put in your body are as important as what you put on your hair and scalp. Over the years she has mixed natural and eco friendly products for her clients, recommended healthy diet and lifestyle, knowing that balance is important to achieve positive results. With 20 years experience, dedication and passion, she still continues to develop new products and ideas to keep pace with ever present challenges.